Cosmetic procedures are no longer a thing just meant for celebrities. Many people are realizing that they don’t have to be live uncomfortably when they can have their bodies rectified or improved.  In our present times, there are innovative treatments that are not only affordable but also give a fast turnaround.


Among the intimate makeovers, you can get to restore your sexual life and vaginal health with vaginoplasty. Academy Laser Clinics offer an non surgical alternative. In this procedure, the tissues and walls of the vagina are tightened by radiofrequency waves. Ideally, angioplasty is done after childbirth to reduce vaginal laxity that sometimes can be so severe that a tampon falls.

Beyond rejuvenation after childbirth, there are many reasons why as a woman you would want to undergo vaginoplasty. You could simply be unhappy with your current state, or you could be having pain during sex, strange noises, and urinary problems. All these symptoms are grouped into one –vaginal atrophy.

Vaginal atrophy will not just kill your sex drive but it’s also an uncomfortable health condition in middle age and old women. In worst cases, the bladder could sink into the vagina because of the slack walls or you could experience bladder incontinence. What does that mean? After childbirth or during menopause, genital cosmetic surgery to tighten the vaginal muscles is necessary.

The Academy Laser Clinic will help you overcome vaginal atrophy through the modernistic Mona Lisa Touch treatment. This quick, noninvasive and painless method has time and again proven effective against vaginal dryness, itchiness, painful intercourse and bladder prolapse.

So what makes the Mona Lisa Touch a great vaginal rejuvenation treatment? The answer just lies in the fact that it stimulates natural healing and renewal. Your body will react to the therapy by creating fresh and young cells in the interior of your intimate regions. For that reason, they will be an ample blood supply, increased and acidity and lubrication. That translates to a healthy and youthful vagina that will let you enjoy your sexual life and live a comfortable life.

At the Academy Laser Clinics, you will be in the hands of highly qualified doctors and cosmetic nurses who have been in the practice of intimate treatments for over two decades. First, they undertake a detailed consultation with you to understand your specific problem. After that is the treatment that lasts for less than 10 minutes, with positive results witnessed 7 days after treatment.


There has been a growing enthusiasm for penis enlargement Sydney. According to research, close to 60 percent of all men are concerned about their penis size  – that could be width or length or both. Counsellors might help you feel comfortable about your physique. But when you are alone with your partner and turn down the lights, you will realize that indeed size matters. So when a man needs penis enlargement, he has valid reasons for that.

For effective and successful penis enlargement Sydney, try CALIBRE Clinic. Experts here understand the fact that a man’s penis size is his number one source of pride and self-esteem. All the time men are under pressure to perform, and to make your wife or partner feel special – a larger penis is a no-brainer.

CALIBRE Clinic will equip you with the confidence to become a better lover, and most importantly feel comfortable about your body.

Sadly, there are many ineffective pills with severe side effects going around as treatment for male enlargement. It is either that or painful and invasive surgical procedures that have a long downtime. However, at CALIBRE clinic things are different.

This penis surgery alternative in Sidney uses dermal fillers. It is an innovative noninvasive technique that gives quick, painless and natural results. During the procedure, dermal fillers are injected under the skin of your penis, just as it happens with lip augmentation. You will immediately notice a growth in thegirth of your penis.

Dermal fillers are a new treatment for penis size in Australia, and CALIBRE is the pioneer. The fillers will work in your penis just like they do in any other area of the body like the cheeks and lips. In about two weeks, your body would have integrated t into tissues to give you a natural looking bigger penis.

CALIBRE penis enlargement is ideal for all men whether young or old. The doctors at this facility are highly trained. They will do a comprehensive consultation with you first before undertaking the treatment. An ideal patent needs to be over 18 years, STI free and not allergic to dermal fillers.

For the most effective and non-invasive facial restructuring – the Academy Face and Body is the best clinic for you. The AFB uses dermal fillers that tweak with the volume and structure of your face for a jaw-dropping appearance. The different types of fillers are available for different parts of the face.


Dermal fillers are used in the smoothing of lines, lip augmentation, and facial rejuvenation. This beauty treatment works to help scars disappear and skin depressions and to smooth out expression lines. Let the doctors at Academy Face and Body know what you desire, and they will make that happen for you. You could be looking for fuller lips, high cheekbones or a more defined jawline – all  of these are possible with dermal fillers.

Facial aging starts from the early twenties and picks up the pace throughout life due to many factors. The face and the neck are the most noticeable places – you will see wrinkles, furrows, fine lines or loose skin. Dermal fillers will revitalize your skin and give you back your youthful glow.

There are no side effects associated with this procedure. Before the injection, a numbing cream will be applied on your face. The dermal fillers then injected into the specific area with a microneedle. You will be able to see some immediate results after your first treatment, but you can get a touchup after a month for even better looks.