For people that don’t know; for bodybuilders that take performance enhancing drugs it’s a lot of things and taking these drugs is a very serious matter not just because it helps them greatly with their goals but also to minimize the side effects of the drugs.

The drugs that they are taking are dangerous especially when taken for long periods and in high doses. Bodybuilders before taking the drug know better what is good for them that is why they wait 2 weeks to start post-cycle therapy, “at least” is the keyword here because some would even wait longer before PCT.

PCT: Post-cycle therapy (PCT), is this period where bodybuilders continue to take alternative drugs to continue the effects of the cycle that they just finished. This is to make sure that the organs that are overused by the cycle can rest and prevent it from shutting down while at the same time the bodybuilder can continuously build up the muscles as a result of the cycle.

Not just an option: This is not optional, it’s a must and even people doing PCT after 2 weeks are considered abusive to their organs. Yes PCT promises to continue or maintain the previous cycle has built up but users should also understand that these are still drugs that are synthetic. Made in labs and if used wrongly, or the dosage gets miscalculated it can pose as threat not just in the cycle but to the overall health as well of the user.

The danger: This is like playing with fire and failure is not an option especially when the organ damaging drugs are involved. That is why bodybuilders are sort of juggling these drugs that they use for their various cycles in order to maximize its effects while evading the side effects. People would think that this is dangerous and it is but with proper knowledge of these drugs you can pull this off unscathed. Although it’s still highly advised not to do this for a long time.

The trick: PCT is tricky because, for a fact that there are a ton of drugs out there to choose from, the drug interaction is tricky as well because here you really need to identify the drugs that you need to partner that will do you just fine. This varies from person to person, gender, age, weight and even conditions and illnesses. But don’t fret because there are already proven “tandem” drugs that have been used by many bodybuilders for years now.

PCT is a needed after cycle therapy that is proven to be highly effective in maintaining the form that you achieved with your body while resting from the abuse of the given cycle. Although mishandling the drugs can also be dangerous since the drugs do have side effects that you don’t want to experience when you are in PCT. Like the cycle that it preceded, PCT still requires a great deal of knowledge in order to maximize it. It’s not really about taking a break from taking drugs but simply taking potent alternative drugs to maintain what was left by the cycle.